The party will be held in a Cowboy Saloon where you’ll be taken to the Wild West.

  • You will have a lot of fun with cowboy gadgets that will be given to you: hats, belts, guns cowboy lasso and for the Bride also a Sheriff’s costume with a sheriff’s Gold Star.
  • The Bride will change into a 100% Wild Cowgirl !
  • You will dance to country music and have Cowgirls games and races.
  • Your goal is to learn a wild cowgirl dance and to rock the party !
  • There will be: races of the rows- the beer task – walking hat – jelly candies meal for a real Cowgirl – shut game and at the Winner is… – The Bride !

It is worth to bet for COWGIRL NIGHT – You will surely have a lot of fun dancing and partying with us.

Country music,  cowgirl’s costumes and gadgets and a crazy atmosphere will take you to an amazing Party and will leave a lot of nice and funny memories.

It’s possible to have other attractions, for example: show with drinks and testing at the bar, or motorcycle ride around Cracow before the Party.


If you have any questions regarding the Event feel free to contact us:

call + 48 608 346 345


Ananday Cracow Center

You will surely have fun!