ORIENTAL Bachelorette Party

Every woman has a romantic soul. We’ll awaken the Bride’s soul. You will feel a real oriental atmosphere while dancing together.

  • You’ll visit ALADDIN’S BAZAAR –  the colourful scarfs with clanging coins, amazing costumes, shiny jewellery and a beautifull make up – all that we’ll give the Bride and the girls Oriental vibes.
  • We’ll prepare for the Hen the Feast of Sensuality and Sex appeal – you will learn how to move  your hips, belly and arms – a sexi Bellydance that seduces and coquettes  men !
  • We’ll entrust you with the Secret of Sheherasade – show easy tricks and games with scarfs and many others.

You will experience a Fairytale Adventure with a romantic atmosphere: candles, beautiful music and full of sensuality Bellydance – let your imagination run free.

  • You will be dancing around with the Hen inside.
  • We’ll record a video clip from your oriental party and take some shots in your beautyful oriental styling.
  • To keep memories The Oriental Princes will receive a special Certificate with wishes from all of you.
  • At the end of that magic oriental adventure we’ll propose a toast to a Bride.

An Oriental World is waiting for the “Arabian Princes” and her crazy friends !


If you have any questions regarding the Event feel free to contact us:

call + 48 608 346 345

e-mail: biuro@ananday.pl

 Ananday Cracow Center

You will surely have fun!